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MEMBERSHIP  2020/21 £36.00

(excluding christmas demonstrations). 

An all foliage design
by Sue Hey

Flower arranging
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Following Government guidelines and in an effort to safeguard our members please note that Pennine Borders Flower Club meetings are cancelled until further notice.

Please check with the Chairman or a member of the committee if you require any clarification.

Also Harrogate Spring Flower Show has been cancelled.  All monies paid will be getting a full refund shortly

Share your knowledge with the rest of our members.
Step by step instructions further down this page

  Unfortunately our June workshop has been cancelled. However there is nothing stopping you doing a similar of either of these designs from garden plant materials, send a photo and it will be placed on the website for us all to enjoy.  For both designs artifical flowers may be used should you have problems getting flowers.  Have fun and stay safe.

June workshop 2020
Design One

A design for the outdoor picnic table

.Hurricane lamp table centerpiece | Flower centerpieces wedding ...

I used a storm lamp with a candle in. You could use a citronella candle or a lamp or any accessory for the centre.

Ring of oasis or small pieces of foam in small dishes such as coffee jar lids, placed in a circle.

Garden foliages. I have used euonymous, ivy, osmanthus, bergenia, iris variegate and euphorbia.

Any flowers available. I have used roses and lilies bought locally, green hellebores, valerian, aquilegia. Peonies and Alliums would look lovely but mine are too slow to flower yet.

The design below was arranged by Bev Peace

Design Two

An All foliage Design


For the June workshop, I thought it might be nice to arrange all the lovely foliage in our gardens at this time of year. So here is a picture of an all foliage design, any of the foliage may be substituted for another colour or variety. There are just a few things to bear in mind.

  1. The oasis would be raised above the rim of the container to allow downward movement.
  2. An all foliage arrangement means no flowers, just allowing the beauty/colour/texture of selected foliage to come through, not too much variegated foliage though as then it may take over the design.
  3. Scale and proportion is very important. If you are making a triangular arrangement, the tallest leaf should be at least one and half or twice the depth of the container and choose a container to become part of the design i.e. colour or texture – The container could be glass and filled with scrunched newspaper sliced fruit or ribbons etc.. Just an idea.

Plant materials that could be used; Hosta (variegated), Ivy, Phormium (striped), conifer for a different rough texture, Hebe, Helichrysum (grey), Physocarpus (Brown), Cotinus (red) etc. In addition, rolled leaves could be added grouped grasses. Leaf shine, if you do not have leaf shine baby wipes would suffice.

  1. Fill your container with pre-soaked floral foam raised about one and a half to two inches above the rim of the container, champher the edges and secure with pot tape. (If you wish, you could try your hand at scrunched up wire – or a grid of tape across the neck of the vase instead of using Oasis). Another idea.
  2. Insert the phormium or cordyline in the centre 2/3rds of the way back and then foliage to each corner of the two front angled down to the table, leaves can be grouped here or layered to give interest, each corner can be different leaves or grasses. When these three points have been inserted, insert other different foliage’s at varying heights to complete your triangle or asymmetrical. Tip: If you are struggling, use or long stick that positioned from the bottom corners of the leaf to the phormium at the centre top and all foliage should be within these sides with a little tummy in the middle.

Do not forget to fill in the back, to keep the design balanced or if you are placing your design in the window to cheer up the passers –by.

Other all foliage designs should you prefer.

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