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Diary of Events 2022/2023
August workshop 2022
Succulents for Summer - workshop 21
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 Covid protection


  • Please do not attend the classes if you have had a positive covid-19 test recently or been in contact with someone who has.
  • Ideally, when walking around it would be advisable to wear face coverings.
  • Ladies toilet facilities are available
  • Please just use your own tools and equipment to keep any transferring of virus to a minimum.
  • Oasis or floral foam if using as mechanics, should be pre-soaked at home before coming to class to avoid transferring any transferring covid 19 symptoms
  • Tables are positioned at least 24 apart
  • Please use hand sanitiser available.Thank you for helping to keepo us all safe.
We hope you will all join us at one of our workshops in August, we have two very talented qualified flower arranging tutors at our club, who love to share their knowledge and expertise, come along and make new friends and share the love of flowers.

We have two workshops being offered the first is a

Back to basics

Come along relax, learn new skills and either learn those basics we all need to give our designs longevity or refresh our basic skills those any of us may have forgotten.
Just come along with your notepad and pen.

Designing without Oasis

The other workshop is all about an array of different mechanics we can work with becoming more sustainable and enviromentally friendly 


Design 1.  Using Agrawool which will be provided for you.
Bring a deep pot about 12 cms wide e.g plant cache pot or terracotta plant pot.
3/5 straight sticks or straight strong stemmed flowers for height.
A few medium flowers with strong stems like roses, carnations.
Filler foliage and large ivy leaves.
Midelino or decorative wire for interest.
A stick or pencil for making holes, knife, scissors.

Design 2.
A low flat dish. A pinholder (I have some to lend you), oasis fix, scissors
Long stems or strong straight leaves such as iris or crocosmia for height.
5 focal flowers such as iris, gerbera , single chrysanthemum. Alternately, you could use 3 lilies.
A few large leaves such as hosta, bergenia or ivy.

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