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Conditioning of Narcissus (Daffodils)

Daffodils produce a sap which is poisonous to all other flowers.

You will see daffodils sold, tied into bundles, placed in boxes and not in water. This is because when they are placed in water they produce a toxic sap in the stem. They must be kept separated at all times.

Ideally condition them for 24 hours, by placing the lower stems in water. Once conditioned, you will need to rinse the stems well, but carefully in fresh water. You can see the discolouration of the water once they have been taken out.

Keep them cool until required for your design.

Cocktail sticks inserted into the base of the stem can be inserted as support before adding to foam displays, where they can be mixed with other flowers.

N.B. Also the daffodil bulbs are very poisonous should never be consumed.



Materials used :-

A base to gather the components together. Could be a table mat, wood slice or piece of slate.

A piece of driftwood or an old root or log

I have used the following foliage :- euonymous, ivy, skimmia and branches from the contorted hazel.

2 small containers with either oasis or pinholders.

Garden flowers spring snowflakes, hellebores, daffodils and a hyacinth.

Some bought mixed tulips.

Pebbles to represent eggs.


Place the wood on the base and put the containers and mechanics either side of it.

I then put taller pieces of hazel and the Spring Snowflakes at the back for height.

Cover the rims of the containers with foliage. Arrange the daffodils, tulips and other flowers making an asymmetrical shape, leaving good spaces between them and bringing some of the flowers over the front of the dishes.

Place the pebbles or eggs in the design

Finally put a little more hazel in to give interesting rhythm.

Happy easter and I hope to see you all soon.

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