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Christmas table centerpiece
 N. B. This display can be altered as with most arrangements with different plant materials for different occassions and in different seasons. 



An empty Pringle tube sprayed in gold or a colour to tone with your flowers.

Sand or pebbles or grit to put in the tube for weight.

Plastic oasis dish fixed on the top with pot tape and glue.

Small piece of oasis secured in the dish. (about 1/6th of a block)

Ribbon around the top of the tube to cover the pot tape.

Cane swirls painted gold. (You could use Aluminium wire instead or midelino.)


Roses or flowers of your choice. This was a bunch of 15 from ASDA.

A few sprayed items. I have put in 2 artificial apples and some lotus seed heads. You could use baubles or cones instead.

Stems of Cornus twisted into a circle and wired at the join, leaving enough wire to insert into the foam.

Holly and Hebe “Autumn Joy”


Insert the ends of the cane and swirl them round over the foam. Also put in the Cornus.

Use the roses to hold the cane in place and gradually work round the design putting in flowers, holly and hebe.

Leave good spaces, between the flowers.

Place in the other items (apples, lotus and finally more ribbon for depth)

A few more pieces of Cornus were added for a change of form.

I have put beads on to wire and inserted them in the roses and added a swirl of beads over the arrangement.

Enjoy your display.

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