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       Designed by Susan Hey

Contemporary basket

Base or charger plate. 2 copper wreath rings 25- 30 cms simply covered in ribbon, wool etc., small green oasis dish 1/3 block floral foam, pussy willow or spring shrubs like forsythia, arum italicum leaves or large ivy, and small foliage’s conifer, hebe, pittosporum, spring flowers e.g. tulips. seasonal items like chickens eggs etc.

Table cover, toolbox and bags of creativity.

Step by step instructions for the contemporary basket

1. Pre-soak a 1/3 block of oasis and place in green oasis dish, champher edges, secure with pot tape.
2. wrap wool around the two rings and then when fully covered wrap wool at the top of the rings to fasten together securely with the rest of the rings loose
3.Place dish and oasis inbetween the rings and secure with stub wire straight through the front ring, through the oasis and out through the back ring.
4.Decorate with garden plant materials or artifical flowers easter chicks etc. to taste.
5. Sit back take a photo and send to dawnsfloralheart@btinternet.com and I will place on the website for you, for the rest of our members to enjoy.
6. Enjoy and have that well deserved cuppa.

N. B. this design can be seen on page 20 of the spring flower arranger 2020

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