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*  These designs were created by our club members at our last workshop *

Line, form, space, colour and texture, some may recognise these words as the elements of design, without these present in arrangements the design wouldn't evolve correctly.

 There are many books available which explain the elements and principles of design in more depth.

Within the designs below we can see how the elements have been utilised:


Line - is the overall shape, in these two designs an overall circular design has been created by the arrangers.
Form - There are many different forms (shapes) used within these designs, circular (flowers), linear (sticks), pear shaped (foliage).
Space -  Within these designs enclosed space has been created by making a framework from midelino sticks,  space is also present all around the design.  As Constance Spry once said ' Always leave room for butterflies'.
Colour - this is perhaps the most emotive and important part of the design as a whole and is a never ceasing wonder of exciting and dynamic combinations.
Texture - we need a few different textures in the arrangements, smooth, rough, feathery, matt, prickly etc. Interest in any arrangement is intensified by the selection of different textures which contrast with each other.
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